Millswood Station remains open but Dog Track closed.

Great news last week from the State Government. Patronage of the Belair train using Millswood Station to alight and embark has been beyond their expectations. As a result the station will remain open with the trial now complete.

The Federal Government however through it’s rail department ARTC will be closing the dog track which provides access to the station from the west side of Goodwood Road.



ARTC sign. closed until further notice

I have held the view that patronage of the Belair train using Millswood Station would, in the main, be from residents of Clarence Park and Millswood west of Goodwood Road. Ensuring the safety of these people was an important ingredient behind the repair to the footbridge we at Unley did early last year.  We spent good money to make sure the footbridge was safe to use.

Since the track was closed late last week I have already received three calls from residents concerned about the closure. Unfortunately there is not much Jennie and I can do about this as the track belongs to ARTC and the Federal Government.

We were given advanced warning of the pending closure and told it would be a permanent closure in response to our asking our management to push ARTC to make the dog track safe. Their response spend as little as possible and remove access to the threat rather than modify the environment to make it safe.

There is not much Jennie & I can do about this as it is  a federal government issue not a local government issue. That is short of us supporting any effort on your part to lobby our local member Kate Ellis for the track to remain open and be made safe. If you are reading this blog and feel the same as the three residents who have contacted me already I suggest you door knock your neighbours and get up a petition.

Jennie and I can back you with this but be assured you will need Kate on your side if you wish the track to remain open.

In the meantime what I have done is ask our management to seek confirmation from ARTC of their intentions because the sign does not say permanent, it infers temporary. And as the picture below shows their efforts to prevent access are timid at best.

Not stopping many from accessing.

Not stopping many from accessing.


  1. Trevin   •  

    We use this track often. Perhaps the simple fix is for the Council to fix up the post and wire fence that has been neglected for years. Cost would/should/could be minimal as posts are already intact and needs to be rewired. The area may not be Council’s jurisdiction, but maybe a little co-operation between Council and ARTC for a “practical” fix may achieve a result for the community.
    Is it a “black spot”, has anyone been hurt from the walking track by the danger of the train.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      It would indeed be great for a “little” co-operation between council and ARTC. I trust you are not expecting that this makes Council in any way responsible.

      Be assured this is not something that Council can govern nor encourage. The land is not ours and we would be trespassing if not there under ARTC supervision and direction as I can assure you is the case on the Seaford Line and DPTI. They (DPTI) will not allow ANYONE in the corridor to do anything including such things as clean up graffiti etc.

      It was our concerns, expressed to them in a spirit of co-operation in the first place, that prompted ARTC to act. Trouble is with our not being able to influence them they have taken the path of least resistance.

      Your local elected member is your Federal member Kate Ellis. As I have encouraged others she is the one that needs to be lobbied and I am glad to join in with any such lobby. She has been copied in for that matter in an email from me to another resident.

      It must come from the residents however to have any meaning.

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