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The purpose of the blog is to announce I am retiring in my day job as a building inspector. I will therefore also be closing my business Reliable Home Inspections.

It means more time for Council. Well more time for family and self.

Cr Don Palmer
Clarence Park Ward
City of Unley

On Easter monday, a week before my 65th Birthday, I had what doctors call an unconscious fall. The fall occurred while delivering the current issue of the Clarence Park Ward newsletter. The newsletter is a popular method of communicating to our ratepayers (Jennie & I) what is happening on the Council front.

I fell on East Avenue over a low brick fence and found myself hurting in the rib, wondering if anyone had seen the fall. The fall resulted in 2 broken ribs.

Concerned that I may have suffered a heart attack or a stroke doctors have put me through a series of tests to ensure I had not suffered either. Yesterday I was given the all clear on both fronts.

We still however don’t know what happened. Given my day job involves working at heights and given I now qualify for the pension I have decided the time therefore is right to retire.

This means more time for Council.

Well actually with the time I put into Council now it means I can put more time into two more important areas of my life. Firstly my family including my Wife, my Dad, my Kids and my Grandkids. Oh how I look forward to more time with the grandkids.

And more time for self. Yes! Time to play some sport. Both the Millswood Croquet Club and Bowls Club have prompted me in the past to join them. I simply did not have time. Now I do and to exercise more, build my fitness back to decent levels.

It will mean more time for Council. With no work to get in the way I should be able to respond to your concerns with more energy. So my retirement should work to your benefit.