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Council is again the villain in this weeks press with the smell this time of sour mothers milk after a proposal by council regarding outdoor dining safety is  questioned in the press.


It would appear reading the headlines of the current Eastern Courier edition the proprietors of Mothers Milk are less than impressed with what Council has proposed to allow them to safely allow outdoor dining at their Unley Road premises. What Council has proposed is spelt out in my recent blog post  found at

Seems there are some who believe that Council should foot the bill for providing infrastructure to allow outdoor dining at this location. Sounds a reasonable proposition doesn’t it. Local Council supporting local business in a tangible way.

The question then must be asked is why other rate payers, be they residents or other businesses pay to allow a particular business to be profitable. Let’s face it, if we do this for one business with the potential for outdoor dining and we will have a raft of businesses saying what about me.

And before you can blink we will be on the front page again for raising rates too much.

Having said all that let us wait and see what the Mother Milk proprietors have to say to us when they respond to our request.