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Mothers Milk, the cafe on Unley Road and who experienced a vehicle crashing into its outdoor eating area, has made an offer to council to share the costs. That offer was seen as sweet by council. We approved it at this weeks mid month council meeting.


Mothers Milk

Following on from my two blog posts on how to address the safety issues that exist for the outdoor dining at this location I can say that the proprietor of Mothers Milk has put an alternate offer to council concerning the costs of rectification.

They recognised and accepted that they have a responsibility for safety of their patrons and accepted that they should pay for the installation of the bollards needed to make this happen. The cost of bollards will be in the vicinity of $ 50.000.00

They felt however that the kerb build out we proposed to find room for their installation is a council responsibility. After reasoned debate Council accepted this logic and voted to accept the Mothers Milk offer.

As Council looks at rejuvenating it’s strip shopping precincts we will be looking at modifications not unlike that proposed in Maud Street to accommodate the Mothers Milk bollards. For instance if we ever get around to changing the amenity of King William Road we will surely not be charging each of the businesses.

The need for bollards comes about because the main street fronting this intersection is a 60 kph road.

Unlike the installation of bollards the kerb build out is work that needs to go out to public consultation. If there is significant opposition to the kerb build out then it may not occur and it will be back to the drawing board.  I doubt that will be the case however.

When council pulled Mother Milk’s licence for safty reasons immediatley after the crash there was significant public disquiet about the closure. So I believe the public will likley be in favour, even thoguh they (the rate payer) will be footing the bill, around $ 35,000.00