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As the media was besotted today with an Australia that they claim is racist over the booing of the AFL’s Adam Goodes Multicultural Unley again showed us  how Australians welcome those of other nationalities.


It is always a pleasure to attend these citizenship ceremonies. Tonight it was an even bigger pleasure to see the myriad of people wanting to call Australia home. 64 people of all ages and from 18 countries were naturalised tonight.

Multicultural Unley

Multicultural Unley

And while the media debate that we are racist it is interesting that those from elsewhere wanting to become one of us are keen to undertake to accept these obligations:

a)   by pledging loyalty to Australia and its people; and

b)   by sharing their democratic rights; and

c)   by respecting their rights and liberties; and

d)   by upholding and obeying the laws of Australia.

These people thankfully do not see us the way we are being portrayed today. I understand also that they respect that we can have an open debate on any topic including racism without being physically punished for having a view.

Well done multicultural Unley.