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Ormonde Avenue Residents should have  received a letter by now advising of Council’s wish for their contribution into determining the future of the tree streetscape in Ormonde Avenue.


Ormonde Avenue, Millswood

Ormonde Avenue, Millswood

Council has a policy to replant trees in an organised, systematic way as part of a strategy aimed at avoiding all or most of their trees coming of age at the one time.


When we review a street and determine that trees in that street have reached their useful life expectancy we  see this as an opportune time to reinvigorate the streetscape.

It is a program of proactively ensuring we have new growth in a timely orderly fashion.

As part of this proactive program a detailed assessment has been undertaken on all the street trees in Ormonde Avenue and it has identified that a significant proportion of the trees are in poor condition and require replacement.


The challenge now is to determine if we replace only those in severe condition, consider replanting the whole street or ignoring the findings and replace trees on a reactive basis. Such a question must be considered in collaboration with the residents of the street. I trust they have received their letters by now.

To aid in the process of working out where to from here a street meeting has been organised by our Sustainable Landscape Specialist Trevor Stein. It will be at the corner of Ormonde Avenue and Lloyd Avenue next Wednesday, the 11th March between 4.00 and 6.00 pm.

I intend to attend so I too can join in the conversation and hear from you what your thoughts are. If you live in Ormonde Avenue please take part in this review. It is your street and your contribution is valued.