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The article below refers.

Steph and council elected member from my neighbouring ward “Goodwood” Bob Schnell (also pictured) have been pushing for this for a long time.

Thank you John for putting into media space.


Plans to turn Goodwood Rd underpass into a space for art work


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concrete passage
Ashford state Labor MP Steph Key with Unley councillor Bob Schnell and Lisa Philip-Harbutt, from Community Arts Network SA, at the Goodwood Rd underpass. Source: News Limited
THE nearly 100-year-old Millswood Underpass would go from eyesore to art space under a plan by a local MP.
Ashford state Labor MP Steph Key is leading the charge to brighten the dull concrete Goodwood Rd passage under the Belair rail line.
“Goodwood Rd really is the gateway to the city,” Ms Key said.
“We want to use that gateway concept for ongoing community arts projects.”
Installations by school groups, SA Living Artist Festival artists and designs promoting the Royal Adelaide Show could adorn the concrete walls.
Last week, Ms Key met with members of a committee charged with exploring possible options for the site.
The committee includes representatives from Community Arts Network SA and Unley Council.
“We would just like it to look better,” Ms Key said.
“There’s an opportunity to have changing things if it’s an art space.”
She said, given the underpass opened in March 1915, now was the perfect time for the project.
“It would be nice if we could have a new and improved, beautiful underpass by the centenary,” she said.
“Ashford has a lot of creative and artistic people – there’s all sorts we could do.”
A facelift of the area would also tie in with a renewed push to reopen the Millswood Railway Station, which has been closed for the past 18 years.
“I’ve been campaigning on (reopening the station) for 10 years and I think the minister is warming to it,” Ms Key said.
“The neighbourhood has changed so there may be more people interested in using the train as an option.”
Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne said the underpass was “well overdue for a major overhaul”.
“It’s a great opportunity to improve the amenity of that area,” Mr Clyne said.
“It’s a brilliant gateway, not only to the shopping district on Goodwood Rd, but it’s one of the (city’s) major arterials.”
The committee hopes to have the art space plan ready for public consultation ready in November.