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Members of this Council have publicly questioned in recent times the application of the Local Government Code of Conduct. They are asking, is there a problem with Local Government Code of Conduct.

the cornerstone of public behaviour

This may well be because three of us in the last 12 months have been the subject of accusations under the Code. Is there a problem with Local Government Code of Conduct?

It is not my intention to comment on any of these accusations. Two have been dealt with already. The minutes of the meetings at which they were dealt with can be accessed from our website. The third will be considered at our next Council meeting.

Three in a year. Gee that sounds like a lot. No, it is not. It is three in this term of Council, an average of one per year. Honestly, we at Unley can be proud that our Council, has had only three.

So, Is there a problem with Local Government Code of Conduct?

There are two sides of the coin as I see it.

One side is that many, no most, of the accusations are trivial in nature. The recommendation by the relevant tribunal dealing with these complaints is consistent. That recommendation is the Council seek a public apology from the accused member.

The other side of the coin is that members do need to realise that the public require a higher standard of behaviour than they do of themselves. Like prominent sports stars and celebrities, we must accept their bent to hold us to a higher standard. By and large I believe we do a good job in the main. There are but a handful of members who transgress at a serious level.

That is just part of being an elected member. I ask my colleagues (and myself) to remember this with all our dealings.

I do believe the system needs an overhaul however but that is the subject of a future blog.