The public face of Council has changed.

With the resignation of our Mayor and my stint as Deputy Mayor ending, the public face of Council has changed.

Last night Council appointed Cr Peter Hughes (Fullarton Ward) as our Acting Mayor. We also appointed Cr Michael Hewitson as Deputy Mayor. Their appointments will see us through to the elections in November this year. This is when you get to decide who will be your Mayor and your two Local Councillors for the next 4 years.

Peter will be the public face of Council for the next ten months. Michael will deputise in Peter’s absence. This is as was the case in the last twelve months with me deputising for Lachlan Clyne,

I wish both well.

Exacerbating this changing face of Council, Cr John Koumi announced during last night’s Council meeting that he too was resigning effective the end of this month. John’s focus has shifted in recent times with the purchase of a farm in the Adelaide Hills.

On my part my bid was unsuccessful. I am now simply again your local Ward Councillor.

This allows me to sit back a little now. Once again I can direct my focus on the rate payers of my Ward. I will also now have a greater influence in the Council Chamber, debating issues relevant to the Clarence Park Ward.

The Deputy Mayor role spreads your focus. I found myself being called into assisting with the concerns of ratepayers across the City of Unley. Responding to ratepayer concerns will largely be limited back to the Clarence Park Ward.

When replacing the Mayor at meetings the focus is in ensuring the proper flow of business and the conduct of the meeting. It was challenging when a Clarence Park Ward issue (or an issue I in which I have an interest) was discussed in the chamber.


  1. Cathy   •  

    Don, I see your point, it seemed to me you were doing a great job as the mayor, but I hadn’t thought of the divided loyalties. Look forward to your caring diligent position in our area being your clear role now!

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      Thank you ever so kindly Cathy. And catching up again.

  2. Gail Stead   •  

    I personally would like to thank you for your bi- partisan approach and for someone who actually has taken the time to recognize that unley includes area’s on the other side of Unley road like Forestville. You have been a great support to me and the issues I have faced,I am sad they did not see the potential in having you as a mayor,but I still do and you would have my vote.I hope we can now fight even harder to be put other areas in the Unley precinct on the map.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      Thank you too Gail. I appreciate it. This way I can focus on the west.

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