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Action on the whole length of the rail corridor within Unley territory has heated up in the last few days.

This action is preempting the commencement of the electrification works in all areas apart from along Cromer Parade and Goodwood Junction. All current contracts along the corridor need to be completed in order to allow the electrification to commence.

The electrical infrastructure has apparently been completed between Seaford and Lonsdale, or is close to it. The electric rolling stock (known as EMU’s) are due for delivery to Seaford late this month. They will then undergo a series from July onward.

The works within Unley, or from Lonsdale to the Adelaide Rail yards are scheduled for completion by early September to allow the Diesel trains to commence running again on 16 September.

So mast locations are known and we are told final. That is at least when concerns expressed by me on behalf of Cowper Road Black Forest residents were taken on board just yesterday. With the work due to commence in just 2 or 3 weeks more consultation is planned.

Council has put a proposal to DPTI (which they have accepted) for Council to take the lead in organising the next round of consultations, focused on four identified “nodes”.

These consultations will allow DPTI to advise the final mast locations and the alignment of the corridor fence. They will also allow council to commence discussions with residents within each node as to how we can take opportunities to revegitate the area and hopefully design an environment around this new infrastructure that will be pleasant to look at and functional.

An environment that will hopefully restore if not improve the amenity of the particular node.

The nodes are as follows:

The Devon Street area (in Goodwood Ward)
The Cromer Parade area (in Goodwood South Ward)
The Canterbury/Parker Terrace area (in Goodwood South Ward)
The Cowper Road area (in Goodwood South Ward).

People in these nodes can expect to receive communication from council very soon about the first of these meetings.