Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

In addition to my taking on the role of the Presiding Member of our section 41 committee, the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee my colleagues have again endorsed me as the Local Government representative on the Development Assessment Commission (DAC).


The Development Assessment Commissions is the State Government Planning Assessment Authority, the body that will assess major development applications in lieu of by (past practice) council Development Assessment Panels).

I responded to a Government request mid year last year to join this panel but my application. Whilst obtaining endorsement on that occasion from my Unley Council colleagues I did not receive LGA endorsement.

The government is calling for applications again and I can only assume that whoever received LGA endorsement last year may not have been re-elected in November. With luck maybe I will receive the blessing of the LGA this time round.

So while I have moved from an assessment role to a policy role in Council I may yet get an assessment role on major projects with the DAC.

It would be an honour to serve on this body and I now await the finality of the selection process to see if I am successful second time round.