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For those in my neighbourhood I believe to have an interest in DPA2 I give you the following heads up:

A very comprehensive report has been complied for the committee to assess on Tuesday night. This report can be found on the council’swebsite.
As you will see the committee has been prompted to consider one of four options. Once considered it will then go to Council, I presume on August 25. Either group could consider drafting their own motion , or modifying one of the 4 offered.
Our administration have done a lot of work since the consultation, and clearly have listened to the consultation. Whilst they express concern within the body of the report that DPTI and the Minister may reject what changes are mooted they appear at first glance to have taken on board what the community has told them. In particular it would seem that streetscape landscape may not survive, which may mean those areas may revert back to R350. That is for the future though.
There is much for me to absorb, noting I must look at the whole package and not just that concerning my neighbourhood, my Ward. Focusing unashamedly however on Goodwood South here is my initial read of the proposed changes (option 1).
It appears that Clarence Park (west) and Black Forest (south) are now mooted to stay as they once were, 350m2 and 2 storey, but it appears that the yield will not change. Have to get my head around that one.
Black Forest (north) I need to study a lot more closely before working out what if anything it achieves, particularly in the eastern region.
Have a read yourself and make your own judgement please. You may see it differently to my analysis above and if you do I would appreciate your letting me know. I have an awesome responsibility here and I want to make sure I have not missed anything. Before the committee meeting would be good, but certainly before Council meets.
Having said that you will find from the report that whatever is decided will only be for the purpose of going back out to consultation. So you will get a say on whatever will become the revised proposal.
If anyone wants to talk about the changes you know how to get to me.

And please let others know what is happening.