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It’s time for us to get down to business now that we have established the make up of our section 41 committees.

Last  night we approved the recommendations for independent members by the selection committees of the various section 41 committees. Once the candidates have been informed of their success or otherwise I will post their names on this blog site.

In particular I will let you know who the independent members of the committee I will be chairing, the Development, Strategy & Policy committee.

This committee has quite a workload with the various Development Plan Amendments we are working though in response to the State Government’s 30 year plan. I expect to advise you soon as to when this committee will meet for the first time, possibly the 3rd Monday in April.

Section 41 committees are committees formed under section 41 of the Local Government Act. Section 41 of the Act indicates that Councils may establish committees to assist the council in the performance of its functions. The other committees we have determined will be of benefit are the Infrastructure & Sustainability Committee, the Community & Culture Committee and the Unley Business & Economic Development committee.

Our committee is actually the only committee required under the statutes and is required under Section 101A of the Development Act 1993. We are charged with, amongst other things, with providing advice to the council in relation to the extent to which the council’s strategic planning and development policies accord with the State’s Planning Strategy.