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What a great exercise Unley has just embarked on. The first Council in South Australia apparently to involve its residents and ratepayers in such a way to gather the information needed to move forward with a new Strategic Plan.

The community engagement of inviting ideas is coming to a close with the Shebang being the last forum. For those who are interested there is still time this weekend using electronic media.

Over 250 community members attended the ‘Shebang’ at the Town Hall between 12noon and 8pm yesterday to see the ideas that had been extracted from the community during an intensive six week engagement program. Before the Shebang the number of respondents involved and the emans by which they contributed is shown in the chart below.

Thank you everyone and well done.

Soon Council will have a weekend sabatical to take all this wonderful information and put it together to form our strategies for ther next 10 years. In other words our chance to show we listened. Wish us well.