Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

As we move into the time of year of Spring Cleaning your Council has joined forces with the City of Mitcham and Zero Waste to provide an opportunity for you to dispose of your hazardous waste for free.

This is an advanced warning.
During your spring clean I recommenced you stockpile the hazardous waste and mark Saturday Nov 1 in your calendar.
On this day pop your waste in the boot of your car or whatever is needed to carry it and head down to the Wayville Showgrounds, off Rose Terrace.
They will take your waste and dispose of it safely at no cost to you.
I for one have a pile of batteries that I have been stockpiling for just such an opportunity.Other items would include such things as paint, chemicals, obsolete cleaning products etc
You will be advised by letter boxed leaflet and a message in the Eastern Courier closer to the time but I am providing this advanced notice so you can plan and take advantage of a council sponsored free service.