Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Under the new leadership of Sue Dewing the Sturt Footy Club is investing in making their facilities, which everyone agrees is in a poor state, fit for use.

Sue Dewing was appointed to replace previous CEO Matt Benson. I have had the fortune of speaking twice with her and I have to say I am impressed with her passion and I sense her ability to bring about the change that this club needs.

She strikes me as a leader that will lead from the front, not afraid to roll the sleeves up and get down in the trenches. For more information about Sue check out this link to the Sturt FC website.

And I had the privilege when the business dinner I was to attend down the road this morning at the Town Hall was cancelled due to a power failure of walking through the inside of the McKay Stand to see what she has achieved already.

A team of volunteers have been through the stand, filled 3 containers of rubbish, carpeted floors, fix taps etc and are currently completing a repaint.

The players must be reassured that the Club are behind them with what has occurred. The last time I was there (with other elected members) it looked tired, old and run down. It now has a fresh feel about it and that was in the dark thanks to that power outage.

And Sue has indicated she will invite elected members of council for a tour in 2 or 3 weeks when they have finished the program.