Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

On behalf of the Mayor I had the honour of recognizing 100 year of success for the Sturt Lawn Tennis Club as the members celebrated its birthday today.

Past & present players came together and juniors took every opportunity to get out on the courts in what can only be seen as a recipe for success.
Like many of Unley’s sporting clubs this one was struggling a few years back if a membership of 70 is seen as struggling. Membership has lifted under the guidance of President Michael Gerrard and his executive committee. Their goal to raise membership to 120, which is what they see as necessary for a financially sustainable club.
From what I can see the club is in good hands as they seek another 100 years of history.
And Council has backed them in a number of initiatives including a recent campaign to encourage women into lawn tennis when we provided a grant for their “Try Lawn Tennis for Women” program.
Well Done on your first `100 guys and all the best for the next 100.