SALA in Unley off a great start

Now in our 8th year of involvement SALA in Unley has got off a great start.



SALA has continued to grow as one of South Australia’s major and respected arts festivals. This year SALA runs from 1-31 August. This year the City of Unley’s involvement includes:

  • The coordination of Where Business Meets Art, a project developed in conjunction with Unley’s five Main Street Traders Associations for businesses and artists to participate in our ongoing initiative to put art in our shops, cafes and businesses. This year over 40 businesses will display work in a variety of mediums from around 120 artists, the single largest response to SALA in any metropolitan area.
  • The premier event SALA Gala in the Garden will be held on Sun 16 August 10.30-4.30 pm and will be contained within the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens.

We are now one of the major sponsors along with The Advertiser and Unley Traders Association.We are acknowledged as a premier partner of SALA Festival on the inside cover of the SALA Program and on other promotion state wide.

I have so far been to a few shops along Goodwood Road and have been quite impressed. One of those was of course Gingers where the Mayor opened this year’s event last week.

I hope you will be able to take the time to get out and explore the world of visual arts during this last month of winter and check out our exciting and diverse projects. It will be prove to be a good day out on the 16th. Take the opportunity not only that day but to check out the art displayed in your favourite shop.

To find out more check our Website and our Facebook page


Unley Oval Grandstand upgrade ready for public engagement.

The next phase of the master planning process for Unley Oval took the next step today. Concept designs for the Unley Oval Grandstand upgrade have been completed and ready for the next round of consultation.


Unley Oval Grandstand

This is a necessary step so that we can be what you might call “shovel ready” if and when funding from outside sources ever become available. In today’s financial climate that does not look like being around the corner but we need to be ready if and when it does and in time in will.

Community engagement on the Future Grandstand Upgrades at Unley Oval has commenced today and will close on Friday 13 November.

Hard copy information is displayed at the oval, and in the civic centre foyer, libraries and community centres.  Feedback forms are also available at these sites.

The online ‘Your Say Unley’ portal will be the primary source of information (including FAQs) and for receiving feedback, however hard copy forms may also be posted or handed in at the civic centre.

The online link can be viewed here –

We have also written to local schools and the Unley Oval clubs to promote to their networks.

Can I encourage you to contribute to the process.

Tell us if we have our Active Ageing Strategy correct

Council has just started our 2nd round of community engagement for the Active Ageing Strategy which will run until close of business, Monday 31 August 2015.


Active Ageing


The purpose of this round of community engagement is to seek your feedback on the draft Active Ageing Strategy which was put together after the 1st round of consultation.

This feedback will ensure that we’ve captured the key priorities and actions to meet the need of our community as they age, both now and into the future.  Comments received will be considered in refining and finalising the Strategy which is to be presented to Council in October 2015.

You can find out more and have your say in the following ways:

  • Hard Copy:  An extensive mail out is being distributed which will include a cover letter, feedback form and fact sheet.  Alternatively you may if you wish collect and return the forms as well as seek out further information in person (as below).
  • In Person:  You can visit one of our Libraries, Community Centres and Customer Centre to collect and return your feedback form, read a fact sheet or read/obtain a copy of the Strategy
  • By Phone:  To request a copy of the Strategy or a feedback form

New City of Unley Website exciting but challenging in the short term

The City of Unley Website has undergone a much needed revamp. Up for a week now many will have had a chance to try it and enjoy the new platform but also experience the usual hiccups that occur with something new.


As I see it we now have a site that is easier to read and easier to navigate. Check it out here

Having said that it is not complete and it needs a number of tweaks to make it complete. I personally have communicated a number of issues including pages I could once access that have yet to be loaded onto the new site. Our staff have been good too with my observations already addressed.

Please check out the site for yourself at

And please to tell us where we need to make improvements. If you are navigation the site and have observations to make I suggest you visit our have your say website feedback survey.


Vodafone phone tower proposed at Goodwood Oval

A category 3 public notification development application has been received by Council for a Vodafone phone tower proposed at Goodwood Oval.


Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

Goodwood Oval South East Light Tower

The application is to extend one of the light towers at the ground to accommodate the installation of a new telecommunications facility in this location. The tower in question is the south east tower adjacent the Hockey club rooms.

The application proposes extending the height of the Tower by 5 metres, from 25 m to 30 m high.

Category 3 applications are for non-complying development. Category 3 means anyone, not just immediate neighbours can lodge a representation to council’s DAP, whether for or against the proposed development.

I encourage you to examine the documents lodged, links for which are below. If you have a feeling about the development either way I then encourage you to lodge your representation to council, following the directions in the links to Mr Grant Croft, who as a senior planning officer is processing the application. If you do please make sure you lodge it at the council offices no later than 5.00 pm on August 12.


Refer as follows:

Goodwood Oval-Representation Letter. This includes the form to be used in making a representation.

Goodwood Oval-Cover Letter

Goodwood Oval-Planning Report

Goodwood Oval-Plans


You can also liaise with me of course if you wish about the development and I can assist you in making your representation. As a member of the Development Assessment Panel Jennie will not be able to speak with you about the application. Doing so would create a conflict of interest which would require her to withdraw from the panel when dealing with this application.

West leads the way with Community grants as Mayor practices

The western suburbs of the City of Unley have featured heavily in this round of community grants as evidenced at last nights celebration of the work that our community groups give to our community. While we were celebrating our Mayor took advantage of one of the groups to get practice being a Dad.



Mayor nursing reborn

Mayor nursing reborn

Last night Council hosted a number of recipients of the latest round of community grants at a Community Grants Presentation evening. The evening was designed to allow these groups to know in a more personal way how much we appreciate their contribution to the lifestyle of the rate payers of Unley.

It was also a great opportunity for each group to not only let the others how they used the grant they received. It was an opportunity to see what the others are doing. These are great nights ad I appreciate getting to talk to the recipients.

The evening highlighted that this round of grants had a definite western flavour to it, with the following groups receiving grants.

Goody Saints Footy Club

Goody Cricket Club

Forestville Cricket Club

Goodwood Road Traders

The Goody Patch (per the Goody Primary School)

The Goodwood Art house (again per the Goody Primary School)

The Capri Cinema

Unley Amateur Swimming Club

In the meantime the Mayor took advantage of getting a nurse of a doll from South Australian Reborn Doll Guild Inc who also received a grant. As an expectant father this was a good opportunity for some cuddling practice.

The next round of grant applications I believe will close on 30 September. Take advantage of this and reap the benefits that these groups achieved this time round. It may make the difference to your achieving your goals.


Multicultural Unley a microcosm of Australia

As the media was besotted today with an Australia that they claim is racist over the booing of the AFL’s Adam Goodes Multicultural Unley again showed us  how Australians welcome those of other nationalities.


It is always a pleasure to attend these citizenship ceremonies. Tonight it was an even bigger pleasure to see the myriad of people wanting to call Australia home. 64 people of all ages and from 18 countries were naturalised tonight.

Multicultural Unley

Multicultural Unley

And while the media debate that we are racist it is interesting that those from elsewhere wanting to become one of us are keen to undertake to accept these obligations:

a)   by pledging loyalty to Australia and its people; and

b)   by sharing their democratic rights; and

c)   by respecting their rights and liberties; and

d)   by upholding and obeying the laws of Australia.

These people thankfully do not see us the way we are being portrayed today. I understand also that they respect that we can have an open debate on any topic including racism without being physically punished for having a view.

Well done multicultural Unley.





City of Unley responds to Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy

City of Unley last night responded to the City of Adelaide, Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. Our submission promotes a joint approach to making the South Parklands a green open space that residents of the City of Unley could proudly call their own.


With their kind invitation and our submission the Adelaide City Council and the City of Unley are working together to improve the south parklands. The City of Adelaide has recognised that much of their focus on the south parklands has been city centric, concentrating on the South Terrace side and ignoring by comparison the Greenhill Road side.

The City of Unley equally is recognising that the South Park Lands is an important facility for it’s own community. This will become more obvious as and when higher density development occurs along Greenhill Road as part of the Government’s 30 year plan.

The Adelaide Park Lands Authority is currently reviewing the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. This document guides the future of the Park Lands. The review is currently in an engagement phase and the Authority has offered the City of Unley the opportunity to respond with a formal submission.

The South Park Lands present a tremendous opportunity to provide direct benefits to the City of Unley:

• To provide sporting facilities and playing fields for the City’s residents;
• To contribute open space to support higher density residential development; and
• To create an improved level of amenity to promote the attraction and connectivity between the City of Unley and the CBD, and the southern Park Lands themselves.

The City of Unley has both the highest residential density and the lowest provision of open space (2.6%) for the inner metropolitan Councils available.

Should you wish to see what we have said in our submission check it out on our website.

Living Young Action Plan Endorsed by Council

Council endorsed last night the draft Living Young Action Plan for our Young People 2015- 2017.


The development of a Young People’s Action Plan is a specific Year 1 action in Council’s 4 Year Plan to support the objectives of the Living: Our Path to a Vibrant City theme. The draft Living Young Action Plan for Unley’s Young People 2015-17 has been developed to consider the needs and aspirations of young people, as well as the City of Unley’s approach in supporting this segment of our community.

Young people represent 24% of the City of Unley population and total 8,680. According to the 2011 Census:
• 5.6% of the population were 5-9 years old (approximately 2,000 people)
• 5.1% of the population were 10-14 years old (approximately 1,900 people)
• 5.6% were 15-19 years old (approximately 2,000 people)
• 7.7% were 20-24 (2,800 people), the largest five year age group in the City of Unley.

Living Young represents a new direction in our engagement with young people and is a consultative document which trials new programs and approaches. Through the Plan, the aim for the next two years is to increasingly engage with our young people in the community, putting the City in a better position to inform future planning and program delivery.

In addition, Living Young is not just for young people; many of the actions will interest the broader community and encourage inter-generational opportunities wherever possible.

The actions included in the Plan are aligned to three key objectives:
• Engage and Enhance Leadership in Young People
• Encourage Positive Connections and Learning
• Promote Wellbeing and Resilience

Check out the plan on our website.

Unley Museum opens their doors to SALA

On Sunday 2nd August Unley Museum opens their doors to SALA.


This will be Unley Museum’s first contemporary visual art exhibition called forWARDback. It is also the first time the Museum has participated in SALA.

It opens on Sunday 2 August, as part of the upcoming SALA Festival, and will run until the 22nd September. The new exhibition will be officially launched by art historian and writer Professor Catherine Speck, on Wednesday 5 August from 5 pm at the Museum.

Local contemporary artists have been busy working with items from the Museum’s historical collection to create artworks that consider the objects and their functionality from a contemporary viewpoint.

Artists Lee Salamone, Paul Sloan, Tristan Louth-Robins, Kristel Britcher and Ian McFarland were invited to explore the collection and respond to items of their choosing. The result is an eclectic grouping of objects and interpretive artworks that draw a contemporary view of Unley’s colourful history.  The exhibition encourages a refreshed view of Unley and its role in the development of Adelaide as a thriving city in the twentieth century.

Sound technician and exhibiting artist Tristan Louth-Robins says “my work, tentatively titled 5 voices, utilises five small glass bottles and phials from the Museum collection, whose resonant frequencies have been recorded in a manner so as they reveal their unique acoustic qualities. The finished work will consist of a sound composition featuring these ‘voices’ in an ensemble arrangement, with the five bottles and phials on display so as to serve as a visual accompaniment.”

The exhibition includes sound installation, painting, sculpture and glass artworks displayed alongside the objects from the Museum’s collection that inspired the works.

I am looking forward to attending this exhibition. All are welcome to attend. Like all exhibitions in the Unley Museum it is free.

Where we are with DPA 2

Further to my post on this website today about Council’s program of Development Plan Amendments I can comment more specifically on where we are with DPA 2.


After the strong contribution to DPA 2 by you, particularity those residing in Back Forest and Clarence Park, we conducted a preliminary review prior to the Council caretaker period for the November 2014 elections. The elections unfortunately delayed further progress until a complete review was presented to the new Development, Strategy & Policy Committee and then to Council in April 2015.

The review took on board your contribution and in respect of Black Forest and Clarence Park has all but recommended we maintain the status quo. In other words the proposed changes have been withdrawn almost in their entirety. Higher Density is still contemplated for the aged accommodation precinct at the South Road end of Norman Terrace, Everard Park.

Council also agreed with a suggestion from DPTI to split the Residential DPA into two parts:

Part 1 – east of a line along Goodwood Road, tram-line and East Avenue for final approval by the Minister for Planning

Part 2 – west of a line along Goodwood Road, tram-line and East Avenue for approval to release for re-consultation.

Part 1 was submitted in June 2015 for approval by the Minister for Planning. Approval is anticipated later in August 2015.

The necessary preparation of a revised DPA Part 2 (for the western areas – excluding Anzac Highway and Leader Street as these areas are now part of the Corridors Ministerial DPA) is being prepared.

Conclusion and submission of a revised draft DPA Part 2 to the Minister for approval to release for public consultation should occur by August 2015. The timing and coordination of the public release of the Residential DPA Part 2 will need to be considered in the context of the Minister’s Corridors DPA, and also with the Council’s General DPA, to avoid confusion and convergence of resource demands.

Where we are with DPA 2 right now. Watch this space as time marches on.

Where are we with our Development Plan Amendments

With the recent announcement by the Minister that he plans a wide reaching Development Plan Amendment (DPA) focused on Activity Centres it is timely for me to report how we are going with our Development Plan Amendments.


The three current DPAs being pursued by the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee I chair are progressing as follows:

1   DPA 2

This has been split into 2 parts as you may remember from previous posts on this website.

– Part 1 (EAST) submitted for Approval of the Minister – June 2015. We await his rubber stamp on this.

– Part 2 (WEST) is being prepared for submission for approval to release for further public consultation, probably in August 2015. I will comment further on this DPA in a separate blog post. If you live in Goodwood or Clarence Park Wards this should be compulsory reading.

2   General DPA

The draft proposal was examined during this committees workshop in May 2015. We are now refining some of the proposals and the final draft being prepared subject to resolution of Minister’s DPAs on Activity Centres and Corridors.

The recently announced Activity Centres and Corridors Ministerial DPA’s will however affect the General DPA non-residential zones proposed revisions. It may slow this one down. This in turn may slow down DPA 2 as well as we had planned to take both out together to the community for your input.

3   Unley Central Precinct DPA

Our statement of Intent submitted in January 2015 was approved by the Minister on 31 May last. A tender is currently being processed to appoint a consultant team by August 2015 to engage stakeholders and the community and to prepare a draft DPA. We would expect to see this being completed by say March 2016. This is presuming that the Ministerial DPA I spoke of back on the 26th May does not require us to redirect resources to contribute to the Ministerial DPA.

The committee is poised ready to work through the next stages of each of these Development Plan Amendments.

Why the hurry Minister Rau

With plenty happening on the development front in the City of Unley I ask Minister Rau, why the hurry.


Most people would be aware of a  proposed 7 storey building proposed for 246 Unley Road. They would be aware also that Council is about to embark on the next of a series of development plan amendments focused on the Unley Central. This on top of starting the general DPA which focuses on such things as Laneway Housing and hopefully finalizing DPA 2.

We now have the Minister for Planning indicating he wants to kick the pace up, announcing a raft of ministerial DPAs across the inner metropolitan areas. I said in my last blog post the minister seems to be in a hurry. One might well ask why the hurry?

It appears that while the original population growth predictions of the 30 year plan have not been met growth in the inner suburbs has in fact exceeded the projections. That puts a pressure I guess on the minister to want to push ahead.

But with a concern that running multiple DPAs in the City of Unley may serve to confuse and irritate the residents I really do wonder why the hurry. Unley certainly does not have the resources to conduct more DPAs than we are already. The Government on the other hand, with more fiscal resources, can outsource it if necessary.

As presiding member of our (Unley’s) Development Strategy & Policy committee I am concerned that there may be too much for residents to have to contend with when we consult them over the many plans. The public consultation of the recent DPA2 is evidence of this. This was a complex DPA that was too confusing for residents to take on board and they deserve to be not only consulted but be provided something that they can understand and provide a responsible representation to.

Anyway we (Council) will find out soon I expect what he (Minister Rau) has in mind and over what time frame and who is to run them these extra DPAs will be conducted.



Annual Business Plan goes out for Public Consultation

Yes. It is that time of year. The time when Council presents to the public it’s draft annual business plan and therefore the proposed budget. This of course informs the pending rate increase.


The purpose of the annual business plan is to let you know about:

  • The services provided by the City of Unley
  • Proposed new initiatives and projects, and
  • The draft budget

Council seeks to achieve a reasonable degree of rate stability over time while ensuring ratepayers are paying for those services and infrastructure maintenance obligations they require.

For more information and for a link to an electronic copy of the plan go to this link to our website.

If you care about your neighbourhood I encourage you to look at the business plan and provide your comments and observations though the mediums explained on the website.

You will see from the plan that to fund the plan we are proposing a rate increase of 4.1%.

Higher Focus on Higher Density Development

Higher Density Development is back on agenda for the City of Unley. The Minister for Planning John Rau has announced stage 2 of the State Government’s Inner Metro Growth project.


It appears the minister is in hurry to get his inner metro plan down. While the City of Unley is about to commence our next DPA he is ready to role out a plethora of others nearby. It appears it is likely that Unley will experience a frenetic period of DPA’s.

While we focus on Unley Central it looks like we are going to be competing with a bunch of ministerial DPA’s. This will include one each for the following areas:

Goodwood Road,

the remainder of Unley Road,

Anzac Highway,

King William Road,

and Leader Street.

Higher density development by way of higher density DPA’s Hope this does not confuse everyone.

His press release follows.