Watch out for Library closures at both Goodwood and Unley

If you are a Library user please read below a press release from our Libraries concerning temporary closures  in order to install RFID technology.

The City of Unley will temporarily close both its library branches to complete the installation of a new collection management system that takes advantage of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, giving customers greater flexibility and efficiency when borrowing and returning library items.

Goodwood Library: closed from Monday 2 May until Monday 9 May, 2016
Unley Civic Library: closed from Monday 16 May until Monday 29 May, 2016

Unley Libraries Manager Hanlie Erasmus said alternative arrangements will be in place to minimise the impact on customers.

“At no time will the entire library service be closed – when one branch is closed the other will be open extended hours. The after hours return facilities will still be in place at both libraries,” she said.

Each year over 200,000 people use the Unley Library and over 90,000 people use the Goodwood Library, so the new RFID technology will significant improve the libraries service provision.

“With over half a million loans each year, providing an easier and more efficient system for our users is critical. The new system will give our customers more options and enable our staff to direct more time and energy to intensive queries, such as assistance with digital technology,” said Ms Erasmus.

The improvements are part of a state-wide implementation across the SA library network.

Unley Libraries will officially launch the new system on Monday 30 May 2016. Extensive support will be available to assist customers in using the new technology.

For further information, please contact the Unley Libraries on 8372 5100 or visit

Are you a young parent, or about to become one?

If you are a young parent this is surely for you.



Parenting Kits



The Unley Libraries is ever looking to provide a service relevant to today.

Our Library’s Youth and Children’s team are excited to announce the launch of our new Parenting Kits! A great initiative that redefines what Libraries might provide their community.

Each kit contains several adult non-fiction parenting books, information sheets, and related children’s picture books on a specific parenting topic. Our first four kits have been released and are themed around Sleep, Toilet Training, Parenting through Separation and Divorce, and Sibling Rivalry.

Each kit is designed to encourage the discussion of life events and difficult topics through reading and carer-child interactions.

If you are a young parent, a new parent, about to become a parent or you have been around a while I encourage you to check this out. Call into Unley, Goodwood or Fullarton and check for yourself.

And watch out. This is just the start. Two new  additions will follow soon covering Grief and Food.



Eastern Courier wrong again on Goodwood Library Backdown.

The Goodwood Library backdown heading shows this week again the Eastern Courier is again spinning an inaccurate storey about Unley Council.

For the second time it concerns Council’s intentions for the Goodwood Library.  And this on the back of an apology for getting the original storey wrong.


So once again I find I must try to put the record straight. There has been no Goodwood Library backdown on closing the Library. There has been no Goodwood Library backdown on converting space for commercial lease.

The original Eastern Courier storey on the Goodwood Library was incorrect on a number of counts. They focused not on the motion we passed on the night which went against our administration suggestions. They picked up in lieu on comments made in the report from our administration suggesting what “may” be included in a review.

To their credit they apologised for this in the next edition. All too late though as the damage was done. On the back of that article we experienced a community backlash of significance. Rate payers were incensed over us wishing to do something we actually had not planned to do but which everyone believed we did. Some of that  backlash was quite hostile too. All because they believed what was written by the press.

This week we see a storey that continues to perpetuate the original myth by claiming we have backed down on the decision to close the library, you know, the decision we HAD NOT taken.

Back down we did though, but on what.

In my opinion what we did do is back down on what the legislation that governs us indicates we must do. We backed down on doing a full and thorough review of our library services. We backed down on responsible government.

The reason for the back down. Because we don’t want to alienate rate payers with a perception that is not correct.

This I view as an irresponsible decision. A decision made to placate those who do not know the facts. A decision that, although made for the right reasons, abrogates our responsibility to our community to ensure they are getting the best value for the services we provide.


Goodwood Library Resonates with Locals

Goodwood Library is a treasured community facility. This is evident from a 1400 strong petition from our community which will be tabled on  Monday night at Council.

The petition calls for Council to maintain the current space and service at Goodwood Library. It also calls for Council to reject any proposal to diminish the size of Goodwood Library through leasing floor space for commercial purposes.


This petition clearly shows that the local community cherish the services currently offered by the Goodwood Library. The resident behind this petition Mary Kolusniewski presented a deputation to the last  Council meeting and with passion she has sought 1400 others to back up her plea.

This all started as I indicated in previously blogs with the community believing we were about to close the Library. It then changed to we were going to remove Toys from the Library to now we are going to lease space out. And this because of a media report that was factually incorrect. A report I suggest that many in our community believe to be accurate however because it easier to believe the press than to believe the Council.

I again find I have to reiterate that Council back in March only endorsed an undertaking to INVESTIGATE a number of possible options.

There has been NO decision to close any book  library.

The truth of the matter is Council is on a program of, as they must, reviewing all their services, one by one. It is currently the turn of our libraries to undergo a review. It is my belief that all current services offered to the community will retained and that we will be enhancing the service to accommodate the needs of our future community.

Please also remember that we have to undergo the research into possible ways of achieving the best possible service before going out to the public for their input. As I have previously indicated we are unlikely to have anything to put to the public until September and that this will help inform Council when they are likely to be faced with decisions on where to from here in March of next year.