A Third Player Has Emerged in the Fight for Badcoe

A third Player has emerged in the fight for Badcoe. A week ago now, Cr John Woodward announced his intention to stand.

A Councillor for the City of West Torrens Keswick Ward, John announced his intention to run via Facebook and Twitter a week ago.

His candidature should add some spice to the campaign. He will be running as an independent against the endorsed candidates for the two major parties. As you will know from two of my previous posts in the Fight for Badcoe they are as follows. Jayne Stinson for Labor and City of Unley’s own Mayor Lachlan Clyne for the Liberals.

John adds another dimension to a seat I have previously identified as a possible litmus test for the formation of the next Government.

Like the two other candidates he will come as no stranger  to a portion of the Badcoe electorate. That said I am unaware of ever having met him. Having had a number of conversations with both Lachlan and Jayne I will make a point of catching up John.

 What I have ascertained about John comes from his Facebook Page and Website. He is seeking a more collaborative approach to solving problems, NOT the adversarial, bickering, nasty personal attacks that we see from our two major parties.

For more information about John check out John’s election website.

There is yet no announcement from the Greens or from NXT regarding endorsing any candidate. With John’s announcement the other two candidates are out and about.

Lachlan has been pounding the streets in those sections of the Seat of Badcoe where is is not as well know. Jayne, on the other hand is holding two community meetings in little ol’ Clarence Park tomorrow morning.

They will be as follows:

9 am thru’ 9.45 at Dora Guild Playground

10 am thru’ 10.45 at Page Park.



  1. Cr Bob Schnell   •  

    I am surprised that he is standing.
    But he has been twitting and tweeting a lot of late. Many profound statements.
    His chances are slim, very slim and he should think about resigning from West Torrens Council; it’s the right thing to do; if he’s serious, if he’s really serious,

    • John Woodward   •  

      Hi Bob… thanks for your comments, yes I am serious. Although as you point out.. the chances of an independent candidate being elected, particularly in the metropolitan Adelaide, are slim.

      I am using this opportunity to raise awareness around 1. the recent poor changes to our development plans, 2. the laziness of thinking around rate capping, 3. the terrible environmental outcome we are leaving future generations with the current level of waste to landfill and 4. a better outcome for our ratepayers from their contribution to the NRM levy.

      I also have some views on Pokies and potential solutions to the destruction they cause in our suburbs.

      Kind regards


  2. Cr Bob Schnell   •  

    John, I like your platform.
    As an independent, you can say things that the major party candidates can’t.
    In fact, the major party candidates can not say anything other than about the virtues of their party. Rather sad.
    All the best, Bob

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  4. Cathy   •  

    I wonder if it would be possible to ask John some questions, with the election almost upon us, on the relationship between State and local govt. In fact at a grass roots level, what’s going to be best for me in my house, in my street, this is the main thing I’d like to know from all candidates. The more so given your most recent post asking the State Govt to follow Unley Counil’s example.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      John has been quite approachable Cathy.

      You can learn more about him via hos website or his Facebook page. His contact details can be found bu visiting either.

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