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The hedges of Unley are one of those assets that make us who we are. A green city. They are a delightful part of our landscape.

As is often the case though, this strength is also an Achilles heel.

We, unfortunately, have a problem with our hedges. The hedges forming the front boundary of so many of our residential properties.

As beautiful as they are, how soft they present visually, they are causing problems.

Mills Street Hedge west

Mills St Hedge 2Jennie and I have often received repeated concerns from ratepayers regarding numerous hedges in our Ward. Hedges that are trespassing into the public footway to such an extent that makes pedestrian passageway very difficult. Sometimes completely, particularly on bin day.

More so, for people using pushers or riding mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

We understand that this issue is not confined to the Clarence Park Ward.

Ormonde Avenue HedgeEast Avenue HedgeWe believe it would be prudent for Council to know the extent of this occurrence across the City of Unley. Further to this, we believe that Council needs to adopt a policy. A policy on how to manage hedges that trespass into the public domain and cause passageway restrictions.


To that end, I moved a Motion on Notice last Monday evening, which Jennie seconded.


  1. An audit of previously inspected hedges on the front boundaries of private properties within the City of Unley be completed to:

1.1 Identify hedges that impede pedestrian access on the public footway;

1.2 Outline actions Council may take to resolve the impact of these related hedges, in line with Council’s Compliance Policy.

  1. A report on the audit findings be presented to Council for consideration of any further action.

Hopefully, the audit findings will find a way to ensure our hedges continue to provide their amenity but without causing access/egress issues for pedestrians. No longer to be an Achilles heel.