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The Friends of the City of Unley Society (FOCUS) is putting on a free evening at the Unley Community Centre in Arthur Street Unley this Wednesday night commencing at 7.30 pm concerning  tree management.


If you have a passion for the trees of Unley, whether you love them or hate them I encourage you to come along to this free meeting.

FOCUS have invited Council’s Technical Officer, Arborist Mr Lee Anderson along to explain Council’s management program for their trees, both those in the public arena and those on private properties.

I have got to know Lee very well having worked with him on a number of tree related projects. I respect him for his knowledge and his understanding of the relationship trees have with us and our community.

Lee’s address will give an insight into the issues and outline:

  • Council’s Vegetation Policy and procedures
  • The tree management plan including that for Significant and Regulated Trees
  • Tree life cycle and when to intervene
  • Importance of habitat retention and biodiversity
  • The role of the community in the greening of Unley

A free presentation not to be missed! All welcome.

I particularly invite residents from my side of the City, the western suburbs as his address is as important to us as it is for those in the east of the City. Indeed those who have been recently invited by council to look at renewing their street trees might find this a timely opportunity. Put it in your diary and I will see you there.

Following the presentation and discussion a light supper will be provided followed by a short General Meeting for FOCUS.

Here is a special opportunity to meet Lee and hear how the City of Unley manages trees in the public and private realms