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This is a post blog I find I must write even though I am enjoying the heat of Darwin while holidaying. I had intended to simply cool out if that’s the right word but the chance that some of you are having problems paying your rates means helping to ease any stress you may have experienced making you current rate payment.


I have received information that our web payment portal which is run by the NAB bank has failed. And I understand that fixing it has proved more difficult than first thought.

Please be assured that Council is working overtime to solve the problem at our end. We have removed the portal and replaced it with a temporary portal. This means you can now make credit card payments, whether via the website or by phone.

You may also experience doubling of credit card charges applicable to the payment. There is two ways of getting these reversed. The first and fastest is to speak direct to your bank. The second is to wait onus to provide a credit.This will have to wait however  on the portal being backup and running.

Check our website for more information.

See you all next week when I get back from thawing out in Darwin.