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On Sunday 2nd August Unley Museum opens their doors to SALA.


This will be Unley Museum’s first contemporary visual art exhibition called forWARDback. It is also the first time the Museum has participated in SALA.

It opens on Sunday 2 August, as part of the upcoming SALA Festival, and will run until the 22nd September. The new exhibition will be officially launched by art historian and writer Professor Catherine Speck, on Wednesday 5 August from 5 pm at the Museum.

Local contemporary artists have been busy working with items from the Museum’s historical collection to create artworks that consider the objects and their functionality from a contemporary viewpoint.

Artists Lee Salamone, Paul Sloan, Tristan Louth-Robins, Kristel Britcher and Ian McFarland were invited to explore the collection and respond to items of their choosing. The result is an eclectic grouping of objects and interpretive artworks that draw a contemporary view of Unley’s colourful history.  The exhibition encourages a refreshed view of Unley and its role in the development of Adelaide as a thriving city in the twentieth century.

Sound technician and exhibiting artist Tristan Louth-Robins says “my work, tentatively titled 5 voices, utilises five small glass bottles and phials from the Museum collection, whose resonant frequencies have been recorded in a manner so as they reveal their unique acoustic qualities. The finished work will consist of a sound composition featuring these ‘voices’ in an ensemble arrangement, with the five bottles and phials on display so as to serve as a visual accompaniment.”

The exhibition includes sound installation, painting, sculpture and glass artworks displayed alongside the objects from the Museum’s collection that inspired the works.

I am looking forward to attending this exhibition. All are welcome to attend. Like all exhibitions in the Unley Museum it is free.