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Unley Oval is back in the News for different reasons. While Council moves forward with the Master Planning the Sturt Football Club is back in the business of finding a naming sponsor.

Yes once again we find the media is focusing on Sturt’s financial woes and their need to replace sponsorship now lost.  More on that in a separate blog.

The real focus for Unley Oval however, as far as Council is concerned, is developing the Master Plan for the precinct. The Master Plan will provide a blueprint for development over time of the Oval and surrounds. Development designed to accommodate the future use of the ground for all the people using or having access to the facility.

In a weeks time the Company preparing the master plan will meet with Council to

1   Seek Elected Member input into the potential uses of the ground.
2   Brief Elected Members on the work thus far including advising on the information gleaned from a meeting recently of the Unley Oval Advisory Group; a meeting that gave those working on the plan an opportunity to hear from the current users of the facility. That included the current clubs and a group representing the residents of the area.

I expect to hear the the process is on schedule but can report on this after the briefing next week. Watch this space.