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Elected members engaged in a robust workshop last night on the future of Unley Oval.

We scrutinized the many potential improvements that have been suggested in the exhaustive master planning process. In so doing I believe we feel we have an understanding of what initiatives should be further explored now, by the current Council.

In so doing I believe we also have a good feel about those initiatives that we consider are not worthy of proceeding with at this time, if ever. Of course that is a matter for future Councils if and whenever a need is ever demonstrated.

The workshop was therefore quite successful.

We have asked admin to consolidate what was discussed and prepare some potential motions for us to discuss at a future Council meeting. We feel that specific motions on individuals components of the planning carried out thus far is appropriate because it means we can consider individually whether to proceed to the next step or not on a given item and not allow an item we are not comfortable with hold up that which should proceed to the next stage. This will allow us approve which individual concepts to move forward, narrowing down the scope accordingly.

I expect the motions will be along the lines of Council directing Admin to conduct detail design concepts of elements we believe should be advanced. So there is a process till to go and no commitment can be made on any component until the process has been exhausted.

And that will include a public consultation on what we finally determine is a redevelopment worthy of taking out for all to comment on.

I expect also that the importance to the community of this that we are likely to call a special meeting of Council. That will be the Mayors call of course after consulting with admin as to how much business we may have to deal with at our next Full Council Meeting.