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Residents of the above named streets in that little pocket of Millswood bounded by Goodwood Road and the Freight train/Belair line please be aware your access and egress for the next 24 hours is going to be limited.


20150402_122235A burst water main at the corner of Cranbrook Avenue and Goodwood Road has warranted Goodwood Road being blocked off between Victoria Street on the north and Mitchell Street in the south.



Busrt Mains water directed into Grantley AvenueThe work we are being told could take up to 24 hours and that was before the crew on site found what many of us know is under Goodwood Road, namely the old tram tracks. This potentially could delay repairs further.

I am told that the bitumen plant is being kept open so that work can continue into Easter by way of road repair if this is found necessary.

So how do I get in and out you ask?

Access out of Arundel is possible but you will be directed into Mitchell Street on the other side of Goodwood Road. It will not be possible to head south without maneuvering back along the back streets of Goodwood to a spot north of the Capri Cinema or heading to Unley Road.

Access into this isolated suburb will only be possible from the south using Grantley Avenue. This will mean those coming home tonight after work from the north (from the city) will need to head down Leader Street, Leah Street, East Avenue to Mills Street and then into Goodwood Road and be directed by traffic controllers into Grantley or go down South Road to Cross road and then same journey into Goodwood Road and into Grantley.

If this affects you hopefully it wont cause you too much inconvenience. If not but you know someone it will affect please let them know as soon as possible.

PS…. If you live in Forestville, Millswood (around the Oval), Millswood around the Bowling and Croquet Clubs, in Black Forest or in Clarence park you too are bound to be affected if you come home along Leader Street, Leah Street and/or East Avenue. Please have patience tonight as you head home and start the Easter break off in a positive way.