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Last night Council made what I consider to be the correct decision regarding a proposal for a trial of partial fencing around the perimeter of the Unley Oval but I wonder whether it was for all the wrong reasons.

Indeed I seconded the motion to not agree with the recommendation for a trial which came from the Unley Oval Advisory Group.

The Unley Oval Advisory Group is made up of 4 resident representatives, representatives from each of the sporting clubs, and 2 elected members. This group, with clear strong resident representation, thought seriously that a trial would be a logical and sensible approach to

1   addressing an issue that has hovered over this precinct since the return of the Sturt Football Club some time ago from their short sojourn to Adelaide Oval and,

2   addressing a need facing Council  in resourcing labour to erect the fencing for each home match of the Sturt Football Club and a need in the near future to consider replacing the fencing as it reached its use by date.

Whilst I believe the correct decision was made I am concerned that, for some, the decision may have been for other than what I consider to be the correct reasons. That being that it is inappropriate that we do anything at the Oval the preempts Master Planning at the Oval which, if all goes well, will commence sometime early next year.

Should fencing around the perimeter of the Oval be something worth considering it should only be a part of a range of suggestions for the Precinct that comes out of a Master Plan. And part of Master Planning includes Community Consultation.

Arguments outside of this logic and which  focused on the Sturt FC were in my opinion irrelevant to the real debate and the reasons the Advisory Group felt a need to make the recommendation, even though the gallery on the night were encouraged by them.

I feel for the Residents who have donated their time to participate in the Unley Oval Advisory Group.

These people have contributed well in my opinion to the group and have tried at all times to recognise the interests of all members of this small community when discussing issues that have come before it. Part of the argument last night and the hype may have some of these residents second guessing why they should participate in the Advisory Group because of the tenure of some of the debate that occurred last night.

The Community of the City of Unley need people like this, who are prepared to put in time and effort to make this a better place, a place wheer we can all live, work, rest and play in harmony.

I hope that they do not let what happened last night sway them for continuing to contribute.