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Reviewing our assets to help our various community groups move forward is back on the Radar.
Council has endeavoured for a number of years now to complete a review of all our building assets, many of them having run down over time due to a lack of appropriate or programmed maintenance. Unfortunately the review stalled some time back.

A committee was reformed last year to and I volunteered to participate as a member. I have recently been asked to chair this group. This committee has, using data collected years ago form the various community groups using our facilities, supervised our officers going back out and consulting with these key stakeholders.

This process has all but been completed and a report is expected to be put before council in May or June to advise the findings of this key stakeholder engagement. We would then seek authority from Council to go out and consult with the wider community to seek their input into how we can best utilise the assets we have.

This has been a necessary exercise in that the City of Unley has a limited supply of green space when compared to other councils but we have a significant number of buildings and premises, some well utilised by our community, some not so well utilised. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your rates are spent in areas that provide the greatest community benefit.

As we move forward and there is an expectation that our population will grow and recognition that our age demographic is heading north, it is time to plan now for the future so that we might leave a positive legacy for future residents and indeed future councils.

Two key sites in Goodwood South are included in this review; that being the Goodwood Oval complex and the Millswood complex located in Millswood Crescent. The clubs have all co-operated with the review and I applaud them for their understanding of the challenges council faces to provide for their collective futures. Having spoken with each club one on one, we will shortly mix with all of them collectively before finalising the report to council.