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Yes, when it comes to sorting rubbish, I ask what sort are you?

Council waste binsThe Unley Council has a long history of addressing the need to be vigilant over where we send our rubbish. We were one of the first to introduce multiple bin collections, as evidenced by our use of the blue bin. Subsequent adoption by Councils at large saw the introduction of the red bin.

The multiple bin approach aims to ensure the best disposal of our waste. Best environmentally and from a global warming point of view. Best also from a cost perspective.

It is all well and good, however, having a disposal program aimed at improving our environment, if we as a community don’t take advantage of it. If one of our yellow or green bins has as little as 1% contamination, the whole bin must go to landfill.

So again, I ask you, what sort are you when it comes to sorting your rubbish?

Are you the sort to fastidiously sort your rubbish? Are you the sort to try but you struggle with it? Or are you someone who believes it is not my problem and puts all their rubbish in whatever bin happens to be the one due this week?

Several of us do the right thing and ensure we sort our rubbish appropriately. I am aware of some who struggle. Disturbingly, however, many simply don’t sort. I have seen this firsthand.

Walking our streets, I see green bins with large plastic bags. I see cardboard containers jammed in as well. The same occurs with the yellow bin. I see lawn cuttings in this bin as well, as I do with the blue bin.

I have heard that they are those who take the attitude that I pay my rates and therefore the council should accept what I do. That is sad and so counterproductive. The fact of the matter is if we get our sorting right, we reduce the cost of waste to landfill, which would reduce our costs and therefore the rates you pay.

If you are the sort-to-sort appropriately, can you do us a favour, please? Help us in our promotion to those who “don’t give a sort”. Or at least to those who are trying and are confused as to how. Point them to