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A situation of extreme danger at the 100 year Goodwood Road Underpass has caused Council to restrict access to the footbridge that accompanies the train bridge. Please read this blog post and let everyone you know, know about it.

Late last week it was bought to Councils attention that there had been concrete spillage from the footbridge to the road below. DPTI investigated with Council and the decision was made to close the footbridge pending an engineering inspection. That inspection has now taken place and it is official.

Jennie & I received  briefing on this, this afternoon.

The footbridge has concrete cancer (which is where rust in the reinforcing blows the surface of the concrete away. Continued use of the bridge by pedestrians could place enough stress on the concrete panels that form the footway. This in turn could cause further collapse and the debris could hit vehicles or pedestrians under the bridge with possible tragic consequences.

Our infrastructure management are working now on plans for rectification and as safety is the core issue they are looking to have the work done, hopefully prior to the end of the month.

In the meantime access is not permitted, for the safety of users and others accessing under the bridge. Further signage will be placed at either end directing pedestrians as to temporary ways of safely crossing Goodwood Road.

We will have to find a way of funding this as it clearly was not included in the current budget. Whether we move another project forward or admin come back to council for a budget variation or something else we will find out soon enough. But the work must proceed first and the money worked out after.

The remaining elected members will receive a briefing tomorrow by email.

Please let everyone you know about the situation and the measures being taken.

And on behalf of Council I apologize for any inconvience caused to people wanting to use this crossing over Goodwood Road.