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The Development Plan Amendment (DPA2) that affects the Goodwood South Ward is now ready to proceed to the next stage of Consultation.

This is the DPA that will see block size ratios reduce in some sections of the ward, at least from 350 m2 per dwelling to 300 m2 per dwelling or even less. 
Although work commenced on this DPA prior to the corridors DPA (DPA 3A), the corridors were seen as more urgent by the State Government and the focus shifted to them. Readers of this blog would be well aware of the progress of DPA 3A. This includes today’s post that the Planning Ministers unilateral decision to take planning controls for DPA 3A away from councils will be contested in the lead up to the State election by Councils.
Consultation is expected to proceed between March and June of next year. This will be managed by the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee of which I am a member.
Please, when the opportunity presents itself, we are keen to get your input. This is important to every resident in the Ward as it will shape the neighbourhood you live in for the future. That is whether you own the property you live in or rent. It is YOUR neighbourhood.
A point lost on one of our elected colleagues but championed by Jennie & I. We want to know what you think.