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This is a reminder that the closing date for submissions on the Development Plan Amendment for Greenhill and Unley Roads 22 February 2013

Your opinions are valued amd we look forward to hearing from you. Whilst we have gauned a number of concessiins on the Government’s initial proposals, including limiting the height of builkdings along Greenhill Road from 7 -10 storeys down to 5-7, and from 5-7 along Unley Road down to 3-5.
A public hearing for representors will be held by Council on the 18 March 2013.

There will be information on our web-site (Have Your Say) including the DPA, an explanatory brochure, a fact sheet about the new zone, background documents.Here is the link.
Community forums will be held on the 31 January and 3 February 2013, in accord with the engagement plan approved by Council in February 2012.