Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

One of the things I have been conscious of doing since becoming one of your elected members is ensuring we have safe footpaths.

While we await the replacement of the old bitumen footpaths with new pavers we have a need to ensure that whether bitumen or pavers our footpaths need to be safe.

On your behalf I have requested various repairs around the Goodwood South Ward. Some of these have been attended to and we wait on a number yet to come. I expect these to be attended to shortly.

And here is the reason why!

Even though in the line of duty we don’t want ratepayers or their families (indeed anyone visiting our lovely City) suffering an injury by a fall like I did last night. Yes I went a cropper.

With injuries sustained reinforcing the need to be vigilant I will be even more conscious of requesting repairs where I believe/find them requiring attention.

IF YOU FIND FOOTPATHS or even roads, trees etc that you believe require attention please advise council’s administration. If you feel they have not responded then let me know and I will follow-up your request on your behalf.