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Amidst much criticism by passengers of Adelaide’s Public Transport system during the rail closures our very own Unley’s Mayor Clyne has been proactive and thinking outside the square.

Mayor Clyne has astutely (in my opinion) suggested that inner suburban council mini buses be utilised for assisting in the movement of passengers during this testing time.

I am not privy to his inner thinking on this subject but it seems to me that the passengers from the outer suburbs would appreciate their buses being express once they reach (in our case) say Darlington and that the shortest, easiest route be taken. Passengers from the inner suburban districts can be accommodated by the normal bus services unless they cannot cope and that is where the use of mini buses makes sense.

Certainly enough to warrant consideration.

On that score it appears that the replacement buses bringing passengers in from the outer south are using the route through the back streets of Clarence Park, Millswood and Goodwood including using the narrow Leah Street in Forestville, which now has speed humps to control traffic speed.

Articulated Buses using Leah Street. Does not make sense and quite frankly sends a message to all commuters that our back streets are their rightful thoroughfare. Stupid!