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The Greenways project may be complete but the fight is far from over as DPTI talk the talk but have yet learnt to walk the walk.

Jennie and I received a communication from DPTI this week. In that communication they advised that:
1.      Fencing along the Greenways and electrified line will be repaired only if they are considered to pose a safety hazard.

2.       Where the Greenway route is a path within the rail corridor, there is a 1.8m high spear top rail fence already located between the path and the railway corridor

3.       Fences are not required between private properties and the greenways bike path. Indeed we are told “one property along the Greenway, located between Clarence Park and Emerson, actually has no boundary fence and wants to keep it this way”.
Being blisfully unaware of the condition of the fences in this area myself notwithstanding I have walked the strip a number of times I ventured back there on Friday and again today to pay more specific attention and this is what I found:
1.      A number of fences ARE clearly in my opinion unsafe and surely should have been addressed before the pathway was made open to the public.Any fence whose sheeting is pulling away from the framework and/or leaning is in my opinion unsafe.

2.       The Greenway path between Emerson and Clarence Park Rail Stations is chain mesh, and some of this, where Byron, Canterbury and the bike path meet (a gathering area of people from all directions), is but 1200 high. It is quite neat and probably does the job but it not what we are being told it is. Proof yet again of what I have been saying for a long time….DPTI will know what this project looks like, only after it is finished. Mind you this fence is up so maybe they won’t even then.

3.       Not only did I NOT find property between Emerson & Clarence Park that has NO fence I challenge that people would be happy for the rear yards to be exposed to the bikeway. I just cant see that. Indeed it would mean that these properties would have no private open space. Unless there is a quaint little regulation stuck away somewhere that overrides the Development Regulations all residential properties are required to have private open space which is defined as behind an 1800 high fence. Not many of them along the corridor.
Did not take a picture of any low height fences for reasons of privacy

Of course I knew all that anyway, living just around the corner. It is a bit like talking to a call centre from Mumbai, they simply don’t know Adelaide.