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Notwithstanding the concerns expressed in my earlier post this afternoon we do have encouraging news from DPTI.

Back on the 2nd February I reported that the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) was apparently proposing a shared path from South Road to East Avenue using a combination of on road treatments and a new path constructed within the rail corridor.

I can now advise they have determined that the electrification of the Noarlunga Rail line is an ideal opportunity to address another project of importance to the government. That is to provide green commuting paths to save on greenhouse gasses from vehicular use by encouraging bike ways.

They have determined that they can use the same corridors for two greenways initiatives. That being so it is proposed to develop a bike way from the Marino Rocks rail station all the way through to Greenhill Road at a cost from memory of $3b.

Goodwood South would therefore see the shared path noted above.

This is fantastic news and brings the Goodwood South Ward well and truly into the Unley bike way environment. The City of Unley has developed a top bike way network but Goodwood South has not featured prominently in this network.

This is a project, initiated by the State Government, that we should all get excited about. It will make such a difference to our district and in particular the area of Clarence Park between Lorraine Avenue thru’ to Cross Road and between East Avenue and the rail line. It will similarly impact on the mirror image on the other side of the line in Black Forest.

I for one will champion this project as much as I can.