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No Queensland Box trees will be planted in the future in Unley. My Motion on Notice at last Monday night’s full council meeting has confirmed this.

Queensland BoxMany of you expressed concerns after observing several Queensland Boxes have been planted since the previous Council authorised otherwise in our 2020 Tree Strategy.  Those concerns I recognised in my blog post of 6 January titled “Queensland Box concerns growing in Clarence Park Ward”.

I gave a commitment to many of you to chase this down. I did this initially by raising a number of Questions on Notice at the February Council meeting. Cr Monica Broniecki gave similar assurances after ratepayers in the Unley Park Ward expressed concerns also to her.

The responses to those questions confirmed that there has been some planting since the Strategy was endorsed. This suggests a difference in understanding between the administration and elected members of the intent of the strategy.

I can say that the discussions since the answers provided at the February meeting have been positive. The Administration has made commitments to not plant Queensland Box trees irrespective of reasons that might previously have prompted otherwise.

At this month’s Council meeting, I sought to put these agreements on the record. I moved as follows:

ITEM 5.1.3

Notice of Motion from Councillor D. Palmer Re: Queensland Box Trees

MOVED Councillor D. Palmer

SECONDED Councillor M. Broniecki


1.        Council notes that since the implementation of our tree strategy, there have been plantings of Queensland Box trees in specific circumstances.

2.        Council also recognises that Queensland Box trees represent 18% of our tree stock which exceeds the target of an urban forest composition of no more than 5% of one tree species, and 10% of one genus recommended in our tree strategy.

3.        Council acknowledges a perception among some in the community that Queensland Box trees present a danger.

4.        Council thanks the Administration for their answers to recent questions on notice and their confirmation that no more Queensland Box trees will be planted.


Resolution No. C0997/23


My fellow elected members, I am pleased to say, as can be seen above, unanimously supported the motion.