1. Tom   •  

    I hope you win.
    You’re the best we’ve had in our area for years.

  2. Maria   •  

    I notice on J Boisverts blog that she says she wont be door knocking with you during the election.Should I read anything into that?

    • Maria   •  

      It would be nice to see a list of your priorities vs. Jennies.

  3. I have indicated already over the last couple of months Maria many of my priorities. I will repeat them during the election period.

    This will include such topics as where to from here on DPA2, Brownhill Creek etc. There is also the need to ensure the footpath program is completed in the next term of office.

    You will probably find Jennie & I are on the same page with each of these.

    What I am keen to do in the next term (as alluded to already in previous posts) is to improve our administration’s communication skills. We have seen too often that qualified people in their area are having trouble conveying their message to residents and/or their ability to hear and understand what the residents are saying.

    I encourage you to keep an eye on my blogs between now and you receive the mailed voting forms.

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