What new programs should we run with young people this year?

Unley Council is asking our youth via our have your say website what new programs should we run with young people this year?


Only a handful of ideas have been put forward thus far. The consultation has been open just a month so far and closes 16 November. I encourage you to either contribute because you can or ask those who should to. You can access the Have Your Say webpage here.20151027_104147

Of interest to me is one from the west which I like and it appears has attracted interest thus far from the majority of observers.

That is to provide additional infrastructure to the recently revamped skate park in Forestville Reserve. I like what “Seabrookbridge” has to say. Logical and appropriate. A user for sure. Find out what “Seabrookbridge” suggested here.

What ideas do you have?


Concordia College comes to aid of Forestville as East helps West.

Students of Concordia College from the east of Unley have helped clean up one of Unley’s favourite locations in the west.


Yesterday afternoon the students undertook the removal as part of their community service requirement for their studies. The students were very enthusiastic and completed the task in a little over an hour.




IMG_3009-1A fantastic effort that makes one proud to be a part of the greater Unley community.


This shows that while we have those in our community that for whatever reason can only contribute in a negative way, we have those who are proud enough to want to contribute in a positive way.

It was a great combined effort by Council, Concordia College and DPTI to get the job completed. Now to see how long it lasts graffiti free…..