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The Greater Adelaide Plan, focusing on the Inner Rim Council areas is back out for consultation. This is your last chance to influence the final result.

After many public meetings and focus groups earlier this year Unley Council put it’s propositions to the Minister via the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI). They have reviewed our submissions and have sent the Development Plan Amendment (DPA) back to us for further work and further consultation.

Whilst they have accepted much of what we have proposed there are a number of areas that require further negotiations. There are also parts of the DPA that they disagree with and which they say are non negotiable.

Check out the attached link to a promotion put out by DPTI

This video by DPTI actually uses our very own Unley Road to demonstarte what they believ can be done.

As our Mayor has indicated on his facebook page

“It is important Unley residents continue to be involved in the forming of this plan.”

The minimum 8 week consultation period will be extended with a closing date for submissions on the 22 February 2013.  A public hearing for representors will be held by Council on the 18 March 2013.
There will be information on our web-site (Have Your Say) including the DPA, an explanatory brochure, a fact sheet about the new zone, background documents and community forums will be held on the 31 January and 3 February 2013, in accord with the engagement plan approved by Council in February 2012.