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I still get people arguing that the State Governments projections for population growth are unfounded, notwithstanding the growth of the last 40 years, as depicted in my recent post on this blog site dated 28 March.

And while this is happening I hear on the radio this morning that (would you believe) at 9.27 pm tonight we are expected to reach our new milestone. We will pass the 23 million mark at this time, just 3 years after reaching the previous milestone. 1,000,000 more people in Australia in just 3 years, the same as the previous 3 years after taking 4 years for the previous 1,000,000.

By my calculations that is (on a liner scale) 10,000,000 increase in 30 years.

What would be South Australia (or Adelaide’s share of that)?

A quick look at the Census web site and we see that Adelaide had a population at the last Census of 1,225,235. that is 5.6% of the then Australian population. In the previous 5 years Australia’s population grew 8.3% according to the Census website, and South Australia by only 5.4%.

So if we have just 5% of the population in 30 years, by my calculation, we will have to house 500,000.

There is that figure again.

What about Unley? …… watch this space for another slant on this question of population growth.