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Where to is the question to ask with the Government dismissing the Integrated Design Commission as one of its cost saving initiatives in the current budget.

The Administration has been working with the Integrated Design Commission (IDC) and 5000+ on options to contribute to the Unley Central Precinct Plan.

On 30 May it was announced, prior to the release of the State Budget, that the IDC would be wound up by 31 December 2012. The Integrated Design Commissioner has publicly stated that the Commission will work with Councils until December so that design thinking and innovation can remain as a focus in major Council initiatives.

With our two DPA’s before the Minister and the Unley Central project still to pursue one wonders what input the Integrated Design Commissioner can provide. Time will tell.

By the way I have some news on both DPA 2 & 3 and the Unley Central Project I will blog on shortly.