Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Following changes to the planning framework for the Adelaide CBD DPTI has, on behalf of the Minister for Planning, commenced re-engaging with us and providing feedback on the various draft DPA’s we have before the Minister on the 30 Year Plan.


It would appear to me that progress we thought we had made in protecting your City may have been ill founded. I report as follows:


Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 2 – Residential Character and Growth Areas and Council-wide Policy Review

An initial DPTI yield analysis suggested the growth potential of our proposal was inadequate to achieve the growth targets of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. The assumptions for the modelling, precinct density, site suitability and local factors were reviewed and a re-assessment is currently being undertaken.  

When DPTI is satisfied the modelled yield potential satisfies the growth targets, and fundamental zoning changes are not required, further detailed feedback on the policy content and provisions will be provided. The DPA 2 is not the first priority of DPTI however and is likely to take further time to resolve.

Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods Development Plan Amendment (DPA) Stage 3A – Main Road Corridors, Centres and Living Vitalisation (Greenhill and Unley Roads)

DPA 3A remains the DPTI first priority. DPTI re-engaged with the inner metropolitan rim Councils, in late June 2012. Through subsequent meetings, detailed feedback has been discussed in an endeavour to resolve inconsistencies with the State’s directions and the module template policy.
A limited number of issues were raised by DPTI and most are believed to be able to be resolved to mutual satisfaction. There are some more fundamental issues however that may be of concern, and will require Council to consider its position, and our ratepayers to be aware of, such as:
ü limitations to public notification, which I presume to mean you will get far less say on 5 storey buildings next to you than you do now with a 2 storey building.
ü increase in shop floor area allowance on Greenhill Road
ü more flexibility on incentives regarding additional building height, whatever that means
ü a 45 degree zone interface building envelope allowance along Unley Road in lieu of what we thought was a responsible 30 degrees.

It is anticipated that Elected Members will be briefed on these fundamental issues in September 2012 and a formal report be considered by Council in October 2012.

Drafted public consultation material will continue to be refined, and coordinated with DPTI, in preparation for the anticipated release of the inner metropolitan DPAs later in 2012.

Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

The updated Local Heritage Places DPA, and all of the DPTI final requirements, has been addressed. The DPA is now being considered by the Minister for Planning prior to approval for release and public consultation. Although approval is anticipated to occur shortly, there is no certainty with the Minister’s consideration.
Preparation of draft public consultation material has been undertaken in readiness to proceed with public notification when possible