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After a wide public consultation with 162 of 621 people invited to respond, King William Road’s proposed 40kph speed limit is also ready to be considered by our Road Safety Committee next Wednesday.

With only 60 people supporting it and 102 not supporting it our Road Safety Committee has a challenging decision to make; whether to recommend  it to Council or not.

A previous public consultation (based on a shorter section of road being restricted to 40kph) received majority support, with 88 in support and 60 against. One might be led to believe that including Northgate Street and that southern end of King William Road is not accepted by our residents.

The trouble is this is the preferred option of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

Support appears to be there to have a 40kph between Mitchell/Park Streets in the South and Mary Street in the north. The question then is do we follow DPTI’s advice and continue it beyond those boundaries.

It will be interesting to see if our Road Safety Committee follows the advice of experts at DPTI or follow the feelings expressed by the public. Good luck guys; I will be watching with interest.

Either way Council are not bound by the committee’s recommendations, although history would suggest we usually do.