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Our Road Safety Committee also dealt with the 40 kph question in King William Road last night.They will be recommending to Council that the original scheme be considered.

In spite of the recommendation of DPTI that the complete length of King William Road by 40kph the committee has opted to recommend only the length between Park/Mitchell Streets (in the South) and Mary Street (in the North). This is also in accordance with our two public consultations on this question. Yes we again have gone out twice; due again to obtaining advice from DPTI that differs from what we consulted on.

The whole idea of having a 40 kph strip was to make for a pedestrian environment where they felt comfortable going from one shop to another, across the street.

This is not unlike the shopping centre at the Hub I highlighted in a previous blog, when responding to concerns by Bob Such MP.

YES! This provides us an opportunity to make this strip, the retail section of the road feel more like a pedestrian walk that allows cars, rather than a road that pedestrians fear crossing.