Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The Federal Election gives residents along the ARTC line a great opportunity to push for a commitment from the candidates for the local seat to push their party, if they gain power to re-investigate the plausibility of diverting the freight trains through Truro.

Residents along the Belair corridor have a unique opportunity to push the candidates who are looking to be their representatives to move the freight train away from Mitcham and Unley council areas.

The previous report I was told earlier this year by Kate Ellis simply was not cost effective. Many have challenged this since that the cost to communities was not factored in.

If you want the freight trains moved here is your chance. Talk to Kate and talk to Carmen. let them both know your wishes.

Local candidates should be elected on local issues. They are your local candidates. If you believe this to be a local issue then go for it.