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Not often I write 2 blog posts in one day on the same subject. Today demands it after a swift response to my sharing my earlier blog today with my Facebook page. A Short Divorce as all of Unley still covered by Eastern Courier it appears.


The advice received from City West Messenger is that all of Unley will still be covered by the Eastern Courier. This is truly great news for those of us in the western suburbs of the City of Unley. Those who still identify with being an Unley resident can view this as a short divorce.

I thank City West for this information. Thank them also for directing me to a website link wherein you can check which paper your suburb will be served by. All the suburbs affected reveal the Eastern Courier as our paper. You can check yourself if you are interested at

This weeks edition of the Courier was clear and reads “The CoastCity Weekly, replacing the Guardian Messenger, will cater to Adelaide’s southwest suburbs, covering from Glenelg to Goodwood Road”. Given the advice received it appears the Messenger are prone to wordsmithing errors we at Council are often accused of.

We will all know in a few days, one way or the other!