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The worst kept secret in Unley over the last month or so, and one we at Council were asked not to talk about, is now official.

DPTI on behalf of the Government has announced by way of a public notice that they intend to make use of the current work on the rail corridor to build a passenger station at Wayville. The public notice is for the purposes of allowing public comment on the development  application for the project, which is before the State Governments Develop Assessment Commission.

We understand that this station will be a replacement for the current Keswick Station and we have had confirmation from a number of sources that Goodwood Station will remain.

This will be a boon for the showgrounds and I can confirm they ared elighted to hear the news, having championed the concept I think for eleven years.

If you want to make representation you need to do so to the Secretary, Developmnet assessment Commission, GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001 no later than 14 February 2013.

If you have any queries you can contact Simon Neldner on 8303 0662.