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Back on the 3rd January I posted a question as to whether or not our advisory groups would stay.

At this weeks Council meeting we endorsed the following:

Road Safety Reference Group

Establish a group that largely consists of community members to identify and participate in community actions to improve road safety. A good example of this is the program of school audits. This group however should not be considering traffic management issues.

Community Grants Reference Group

Combine the community, cultural, recreation and environmental grants program group with the Ron Young Grant program group to form one reference group that considers grants under the one umbrella.

Community Sustainability Reference Group

Retain this group but review its purpose

Tour Down Under Reference Group

Retain this group and re-establish as needed.

Australia Day Awards 2014 Reference Group

Retain this group and re-establish as needed.

Goodwood Oval Reference Group

Retain this group and review its purpose.

Unley Oval Reference Group

Retain this group but review its purpose.

Unley Rail Unley Rail Freight Reference Group

It may be beneficial to retain this group.

The following groups will be DISBANDED:

Ageing and Disability Advisory Group

Matters that would normally be addressed in this forum will be picked up in the newly formed Community & Culture Committee as well as through the ongoing business operations.

Library Community Advisory Group

The new Community and Culture Committee will address library issues in terms of actions towards the strategic plan.

Millswood Railway Station Advisory Group

This group has not met for over two years.

Community Asset Review

Matters arising in this area will be considered by the Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee.

This is but step one. We need to review then function of each group nad how they should be structured, without compromising their existence in order to avoid them be classified a section 41 committee and making them too formal for ciommunity participation.

I look forward to this as I stll see them as a vital link to our community and identifying their needs.